Transformational Success Story

My son is a twin and has always developed behind his brother – shorter, reached milestones a little later, and a picky eater. We always just thought that eventually he would catch up. When I first met our therapist, she said something to me that really hit home. She said that his siblings would wait for him now, but as they got older, they might leave him behind. So we started OT, and cranio-sacral therapy. I went into the treatment with him the first time and watched him “melt” into his therapists hands. He would have to be carried back by his therapist (usually crying and anxious). Over time, the crying stopped and eventually he would walk by himself. I saw this sweet little two-year-old slowly transforming into a self-confident, capable, proud little guy. Now, he is our best eater, the first to go down the slide, the first to pick up a horn and blow and usually leaves his siblings in the dust! He always wears a smile and is happy go-lucky! Therapy was the best thing we have ever committed to. Kids In Motion’s therapists are truly gifted and a wonderful healers!

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