Feeding Therapy Success Story

My son at 14 months was treated for pancreatitis. Prior to treatment his symptoms at 8 months started with gagging on most textures then displayed throwing up at 10 months on just about everything. At this point he was consuming 5 soft textured foods and only if he could swallow them. During his development he was unable to learn to chew his food with the symptoms due to his diagnosis. Until we found Kids In Motion in Highland. We had our consult with Alysia and her knowledge with oral/tongue awareness was incredible. For the first time we had hope that our son would be able to learn how to chew his food with a “feeding delay.” As we began our weekly sessions Mrs. Alysia implemented drinking through a bear cup with a straw, worked with chew tubes exercises to strengthen his jaw and regain stability to chew and be able to learn new textures to begin introducing a variation of new foods. In five months my son gained more importantly confidence in chewing his food and very proud to show us that he can do it all by himself. Words can’t express our gratitude and appreciation for Mrs. Alysia. She touched our lives in a special way by giving our son the ability to enjoy eating food. Kids In Motion was such a blessing to our family.

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