PT, OT and Speech Therapy Success Story

“My son has been coming to Kids In Motion for PT, OT, and speech since he was an infant. Each of the therapists with whom we have worked with have been very professional, incredibly knowledgeable and uniquely empathetic. Allowing my husband and I to feel that we have truly been providing our child with the best resources available to us. Each of the ladies who has treated our son has taken the time necessary to be thorough in their delivery of both therapy, and explanations to us regarding the nature of their therapy and our child’s level of progress. They are very willing to complete rigorous paperwork and speak with other adults who are responsible for caring for the children with whom they work (e.g. doctors, teachers, coaches etc.). We have always felt confident and secure in the belief that these wonderful women genuinely care for our son and want what is best for him. They always have ideas and suggestions as to how to reinforce therapy at home. Our son loves these ladies and working hard for them.”

2636 South Milford Road
United States