Taming Sensory & Atypical Behavior Free Community Workshop presented by National Author/Speaker Ron Sandision


 Don’t miss opportunity to hear the dynamic speaker and autism expert, Ron Sandison who will be sharing a powerful story of overcoming the odds.   You will enjoy his compassionate presentation with a unique blend of wisdom, humor, and insight. 

 Ron’s writings has been featured in major publications such as the The Detroit News, The Oakland Press, Awana, The Autism Society of America blog, Autism Speaks’ blog, Not Alone, The Mighty, Autism File Magazine, and many more.  He has recently presented at Oakland University, Kaufman center, Spark Center for Autism just to name a few.  

Points covered:

~ Insider’s perspective on sensory issues & atypical behaviors

~ Learn the meaning behind the behavior

~ Ron shares therapy his mom applied to help him overcome sensory issues and atypical behavior to gain independence and develop social skills.  

~ Learn practical ways to help your son or daughter handle his or her sensory issues.

~ Tips for preventing meltdowns

~ Appropriate methods of stimming

~ Refining atypical behavior into gifts 

~ Helping your son or daughter adjust to new environments

Thursday May 4th 2017

7:30 – 9:00 pm in our Highland clinic  

 2636 S. Milford Rd. 48357

RSVP Required  248-684-9610

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2636 South Milford Road
United States