Sensory Systems & Processing Basics Virtual Workshop

Free Sensory Processing & Behavior Workshop

Sensory Processing refers to how the brain receives and responds to the information that comes in through the senses. Your child craves certain sensory stimulus to help them feel more regulated. Find out how that impacts daily life and much more by joining us, you will likely walk away with new ideas and greater understanding.


Get the answers to questions you may have, like:
Why can’t my child sit still? Stay on task?
Why do tags in my child’s clothes bother him/her?
Why is it a battle to get homework completed?
Why is my child always climbing?
Why does my child have difficulty with routines?
Why is my child always getting into trouble at school?
Why is he/she so impulsive?
Hosted by:
Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services through Zoom
Tuesday March 2nd
7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
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