Sensory System and its Impact on our Children

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Learn about our senses, sensory differences, and how these sensory differences impact participation in daily life.
We are all sensory beings, however, some of us have sensory differences that make it challenging to participate in daily activities. This presentation will explain our senses in detail and allow you to better understand and identify sensory differences. We will provide you with simple suggestions, activities, and resources to assist with addressing each sensory concern area to increase a child’s overall participation and engagement in daily activities.
Get the answers to questions you may have about the sensory system, like:
Why can’t my child sit still? Stay on task?
Why is my child so clumsy and uncoordinated?
Why do tags in my child’s clothes bother him/her?
Why is it a battle to get homework completed?
Why is my child always climbing?
Why does my child have difficulty with routines?
Why is my child always getting into trouble at school?
Why is he/she so impulsive?
Presented By:
Amber Michalczak, Occupational Therapist at
Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services
7:00 – 8:30 pm
Commerce Community Library
180 E. Commerce Road
Commerce Township, MI 48382
RSVP 248-707-3100
Kids in Motion
2636 South Milford Road
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