Sensory or Behavior Free Community Workshop


In this workshop we will present a variety of strategies to address issues that can help to solve learning, sensory and behavior problems.  Presented by Liz Barnard, Kids In Motion Occupational Therapist and Amy Hund, Sullivan Center for Autism- Behavioral Analyst , Psychologist.  They will be covering a wide spectrum of insights and some basic facts such as:

  • Definition of Sensory Processing: refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into responses.
  • Definition of Behavior: the way in which one acts or conducts oneself
  • Sensory issues and behavior issues are often confused
  • A behavior is an action, if it is challenging, it should not be excused, even if it is caused from sensory responses
  • If a negative behavior is excused or ignored because it is sensory based can lead to more frequent and severe behaviors
  • Persistent behaviors will interfere with family life, school interactions, and acceptance from others
  • Behaviors will deprive children from important learning opportunities and life experiences
  • Best progress can be made when sensory and behavior is considered together

More and more school-aged children have learning, sensory and behavior problems. Teachers around the country are learning to add structured sensory input as an instructional technique to help counter the problem….. and it can be FUN!   You will go home from this workshop with tools you can use and maybe even the door prize! 

 This very popular topic draws a big crowd so please RSVP by March 6th  248-684-9610

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March 11th, Saturday – 2-4 pm @ 10031 Spencer Rd, Brighton, MI 48114  

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