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  1. Please be courteous to others in the clinic.
  2. Please have children use inside voices so the sound level is manageable.
  3. Parents with siblings must wait in the waiting room or the playground.
  4. All siblings must be with the parents at all times. A sibling may be included in the treatment if invited by the therapist.
  5. Absolutely no ill children allowed in the clinic (see infectious control policy).
  6. All siblings may play on playground if parent is present and it is not interfering with a client’s therapy time on the playground.
  7. Clean up happens 10 minutes before the session is over so the area is clean and ready for the next client. This clean up time is used as part of therapy for many children.
  8. Please sign your child’s treatment log agreeing to the date and time. Let the front desk know if therapy is the same time next week.
  9. The therapist will see the patient about 30 to 53 minutes if tolerated then it is time for questions, scheduling, clean up, and signing the log. Please be respectful of the next patient’s time.
  10. Speech is 30 minute treatment. Please ask your questions in this time period.

Thanks for your cooperation. These rules are intended to keep everyone safe and to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their treatment time with the least amount of interferences.


Initial Evaluation (billed with a visit)
Physical Therapy $200.00
Occupational Therapy $200.00
Speech Therapy $200.00
Per visit rate (lasting 30 minutes to 1 hour)
Physical Therapy 53 minutes $200.00
Occupational Therapy 53 minutes $200.00
Speech Therapy – 30 minute sessions $200.00

This may be the charge but the insurance will only pay their usual and customary charge. Your co-pay percentage will be off of the usual and customary charge.

Please note you are responsible for any co-pays, co-insurances and deductible that is due at the time of the visit. If you choose to be billed monthly it will be a month in advance. You will estimate number of visits a month and if you don’t do these visits you will have a credit. Home clients must have a credit card, debit card or debit withdrawal on file to be billed when the billing sheet comes in from the therapist.

Patients qualify for the private pay rate if a $200 charge is a financial burden.

$150.00 for Physical, Occupational, and Speech Evaluations and Re-Evaluations

$110.00/ visit – 53 minutes of therapy

$85.00/ visit – 45 minutes of therapy

$60.00/ visit – 30 minutes of therapy or in a pair for one hour

Group rates $35.00 a session.

A 7% annual interest rate will be added for past due amounts


The therapist will give their professional opinion when to discharge a patient along with the team including the parent and/or patient. Some patients do not meet the insurance criteria for payment so the patient needs to be discharged. If the therapist still recommends therapy the patient will have to pay out of pocket.

Some reasons for discharge may include:

  • Patient has met the short and long term goals set.
  • Functional goals are not being met monthly.
  • Goals are not met in 2 months the patient either has reached a plateau or goals are set too high.
  • Treatment not neuromuscular or musculoskeletal. The treatment must be neuromuscular or musculoskeletal for insurance to pay for treatment not sensory or pain.
  • Competent with their home program.
  • Progress towards goals too slow or the patient has reached a plateau and considered maintenance or pain management.
  • Insurance carrier has declined payment and the parent does not choose to pay privately.
  • Refuse service or stopped coming or are noncompliant with the home program. The doctor will be notified of this unplanned discharge.
  • Discharged to a community program or to a school program.
  • There has been a break in service for 30 days.
  • An illness or family situation may warrant being on hold and if it is longer than 30 days they must be discharged and re-admitted.
  • The only goals left are educational or sensory not medical.
  • An unskilled person can do the treatment. All treatment paid by the insurance company must have to be done by a professional.
  • Treatment is no longer medically necessary as set by the insurance company’s guidelines.
  • Insurance companies will not pay for chronic conditions that are not expected to show significant progress.

A discharged patient may come back for treatments paid by the insurance company if they have:

  • Regressed or got worse (if home program is being done). If child gets older, but doesn’t gain additional skills. It always better if the patient can be admitted with a different diagnosis in the new episode.
  • If the home program needs to be updated or modified. Insurance companies will only pay for this visit if home program update is done in conjunction with musculoskeletal or neuromuscular treatment.
  • If a procedure or surgery has been done that requires therapy.
  • If a patient returns in less than 6 months to one year a new evaluation may not be covered by the insurance company and the patient or their family will be responsible for the evaluation bill. Please call your insurance company to see when the next evaluation will be covered.
  • If therapy is to restart then client needs a new script and a new evaluation.

Many children may still benefit from therapy. All patients may pay out of pocket if the therapist recommends continued services. If treatment continues privately then the billing department needs to be informed to do an end bill for the insurance company.

The current out of pocket rate is $110.00 a visit 45 to 53 minutes and $60.00 for 30 minutes.

The following information must be included on a discharge summary:

  • Amount of service and progress with this entire episode.
  • Reason for discharge see above examples.
  • State home program.
  • State if referred to community programs and where or what. An example may be swim lessons, local soccer team, tutor, local gym, school etc.
  • State a reason therapist is to be called with questions such as: if pain worsens, lost ROM, lose of function etc.



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