Registration – Getting Started

At Kids In Motion/ Ivy Rehab for Kids, our first priority is helping children and families of all abilities achieve their full potential. We are glad you are here to learn more, and we want to do anything we can to help you invest in your child.  If therapy is what your child needs, this is what you can expect.


1. Phone call or Email inquiry – We will get information from you like, contact information, concerns about your child, and schedule or transfer you to our Patient Advocate to complete the “intake process”.

2. Intake follow up – Our patient advocate will ask you for your insurance information so that we can determine coverage and an appointment will be scheduled.

3. Patient Dashboard– You will be emailed a welcome letter with a link to your Patient Dashboard, in order to fill out intake forms and sign consents.

4. Review benefits – You will need to contact your insurance to review your insurance benefits for treatment. Our Patient Advocate reviews co-pays and deductibles with them also.

5. Follow up – The evaluation will be between 1 hour for OT, PT and 30 minutes to 1 hour for Speech.

6. Review plan of care or report from Evaluation – This is shared with the doctor that sent us the script for their signature.  Let the Patient Advocate know if you need this sent to another physician as well.

7. Goals – The therapist will set goals in the evaluation that will become part of the treatment plan.


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