Picky Eaters & Problem Feeders Webinar

difficulty eating


Parents quite often tell us about their Picky Eaters & Problem Feeders and the associated challenges around mealtime.

There is a difference between the typical toddler pickiness and disordered picky eating.  

The goal of feeding therapy is to support a child’s oral motor development and mealtime behaviors to enhance participation and engagement in feeding. Feeding therapy is more than just “teaching a child to eat.” Occupational Therapists work closely with patients and their families to determine the source of the child’s difficulties and develop a plan of care to make the entire process of eating easier and more enjoyable.

First, lets ask some questions:

Is your child selective on their food choices and what they’ll eat?
Do they shy away from different textures and density of food?
Does your child eat less than 20 foods?
Do they pocket food in their cheeks?
Does your child refuse to try anything new?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you likely have a picky eater or problem feeder and you could benefit from attending this webinar.  Importantly, it will give an overview of useful techniques and ideas to use at home to improve mealtimes.

Hosted by:
Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services through Zoom
Thursday, June 11th
6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

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Understanding your child’s development and behaviors can be challenging and overwhelming. With many different opinions and suggestions on what your child should or shouldn’t be doing can be stressful and confusing. Although, having the proper resources and education is important to improve your knowledge on ways to help your child develop to the best of their ability and Kids in Motion is here to help.

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