Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening is a evidence-based auditory intervention technique that helps children who experience difficulty with sensory processing dysfunction, listening, attention, and communication.  


How does Therapeutic listening work:

  • It impacts the skills which are the precursor to developmental milestones such as reading, talking, writing and higher learning
  • Relates to attention, focus, concentration and modulation
  • Orients us to both space and time
  • Therapeutic listening impacts both conscious and non-conscious awareness
  • Process of detecting, organizing and integrating sound
  • It affects the development of sensory systems which open the doors to improve speech production
  • Uses electronic modification and organized rhythmic sounds to trigger nervous system to organize
  • Develops and strengthens postural responses resulting in relaxed breathing patterns

Therapeutic listening is done both in clinic and through our library in your home environment. It expand your child’s world to encompass a life of variety of possibilities.

Therapeutic listening opens doors that will bring new skill to the delight of both you and your child.



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