Speech Therapy

Speech therapy



Speech and Language Pathology

A Speech and Language Pathologist/Speech Education Teacher evaluate, diagnose and provide intervention for a variety of communication disorders. 
Specific areas of concern are receptive language, the ability to attend, recognize, comprehend and retain information, expressive language functioning, involving vocabulary, word retrieval, grammar and the ability to formulate complete organized thoughts and articulatory functioning, which utilizes the oral mechanics (oral motor control and musculature strength) to produce sounds into clear words. Communication can be complex involving other areas of concern such as pragmatics, the ability to socialize with family and peers, behavior, play and fluency, voice and prosody of speech production.
A Speech and Language Pathologist may also be involved with additional medical diagnoses, such as autism, cerebral palsy, hearing impaired (cochlear implants), auditory processing, apraxia, dysarthria, Downs Syndrome and children with physical and occupational delays. There are a variety of therapeutic interventions that can be utilized to meet each child’s needs; Apraxia Hierarchy of Speech, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), Sign Language and the use of developmental language tasks. As a Speech and Language Pathologist, our goal is to implement therapeutic techniques in an enjoyable and exciting learning environment to facilitate and teach functional and appropriate communicative skills to the child and their family. At Kids In Motion we have access to an energetic sensory room with multiple options to fit each child’s needs and we even have an outside play structure at our central office.  “We Make Therapy Fun!”

Clinical Associations:

ASHA- American Speech Hearing Association
MSHA- Michigan Speech Hearing Association
LARA- Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs/State of Michigan License


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