Sensory Integration

sensory integration

Kids in Motion therapy provides therapy for children who have difficulty with sensory integration and sensory processing. We provide individual treatment to address issues of children in these areas. This includes but not limited to:

Vestibular- This system is made up of the three semicircular canals in the inner ear. This is the “BOSS.” This system registers movement in lateral, forward/backwards and rotational planes.  If a child has issues in this area, some the following behaviors could result

  • Car sickness
  • Constantly wanting to swing
  • Poor Balance
  • Difficulty maintaining head in different position
  • Fear of heights or climbing
  • Sitting down when walking across a door
  • Can’t tolerate swinging (hyporeactive)
  • Difficulty with change in head position


Proprioception:  This system is the muscle system. This system gives us the power to move. It tells us the relationship of one body part to the other. It gives us a relationship with others and objects. It is how we move through our environment.  If a child has issues in this area, some of the following behaviors could result:

  • Child is very weak and fatigues easily
  • Stomps feet on ground
  • Holds pencil too tightly or too lightly
  • Will kick, bang, hit, or bite
  • Clumsily frequently drops items
  • Deliberate bumps and crashes into objects
  • Constantly chewing on items
  • Messy written work
  • Stabilizes against furniture or adult
  • Locks joints to maintain posture


Tactile- This system is the first system to develop in the body. It deals with light touch, pressure, vibration, temperature and pain.  It keeps the brain organized and develops ability to protect our bodies and discriminate the touches of our world.  If a child had issues in this area, some behaviors that could result are:

  • Avoids expression of affection such as hugs
  • Dislikes holding items
  • Touches people or objects excessively
  • Reacts to clothing
  • Isolates loner
  • Overacts to pain
  • Difficulty standing in line
  • Uses mouth not hands to explore
  • Reacts aggressively when touched
  • Picky eater
  • Resists change
  • Does not notice injuries

We offer a full variety of test which is age specific to identify the core of your child issues. No child is the same. We pride ourselves in being great detectives to find out your child core issues. Then efficiently quick and productively provide a resolution.

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