Therapy Services

School Staffing Services

Posted By | April 6th, 2020
  Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services provides quality School Staffing Services in the Oakland, Wayne, & Livingston County areas in Michigan....

Telehealth Therapy services offered

Posted By | March 25th, 2020
Kids In Motion is proud to have rapidly responded and adapted to offering individual Telehealth treatment sessions through this global COVID-19 pandemic. We...

Summer Fun Day Camp for Children with Special Needs

Posted By | March 18th, 2014
Kids In Motion offers 2-3 Full weeks of Summer Special Fun Day Camp every year! Kids In Motion Summer Fun Day Camps offer the perfect, supportive, and enriching...

Astronaut Training

Posted By | March 4th, 2014
What is Astronaut training?  It is a program designed to directly impact the vestibular system, visual system and auditory system. It takes into account,...

Kinesio Taping

Posted By | March 4th, 2014
According to the Kinesio Taping Organization, the Kinesio Taping Method is a definitive rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate...

Oral Motor & Feeding Therapy

Posted By | March 4th, 2014
ORAL MOTOR AND FEEDING: Kids In Motion is committed to addressing many oral issues with children.  In many years of therapy with both Occupational...

Therapeutic Listening

Posted By | November 15th, 2013
Kids in motion provides therapeutic listening as an access to the progression of skills at a more rapid rate.         How does Therapeutic...

Aquatic Therapy

Posted By | November 15th, 2013
Aquatic Therapy Services Definition of Aquatic Therapy: A therapeutic procedure which attempts to improve function through the application of aquatic therapeutic...

Interactive Metronome

Posted By | November 15th, 2013
How an Interactive Metronome Works The Interactive Metronome (IM) is a research-based training program that helps children and adults overcome attention, memory,...

Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID)

Posted By | November 15th, 2013
Kids in Motion Pediatric Therapy Services provides therapy for children who have difficulty with sensory integration and sensory processing. We provide individual...
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