Could it be Sensory or Behavior or both?! Workshop April 13th



Sensory issues and behavior issues are often confused.


Is your child constantly moving?
Do you wonder why your child has temper tantrums?
Does your child have difficulty with routines?
Does it seem like your child is always getting into trouble at school?
Does your child not want to be touched?

Find answers to these questions and gain a better understanding of sensory processing and behavior issues. This workshop addresses typical development and gives potential warning signs for identifying sensory/behavior challenges. We will provide you with basic rules and interventions to address sensory and behavior challenges that you can try at home or in your work setting.

Presented by: , OTRL & Amber Kristen Marttila, OTRL Occupational Therapist at Kids In Motion
Tuesday April 13th 7:00-8:30 pm
Register for Zoom workshop here:…/tJwlde6srTgpGtKMda2cSB49HclFXO9DzPQ1
If you work in the child care field, we will send “Hours of Training” certificates to all that attend.
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