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Have questions about Developmental Delays? We have answers.

As infant and child development specialists, we are here for you.  Early detection and intervention is key to success.  Join our Developmental Delay...
taping arm

Wondering about Kinesio Taping?

Learn more here…/kinesio-taping/  

Serial Casting

Serial Casting is a non-invasive therapeutic technique that provides a long term passive stretch to improve muscle length, while increasing range, alignment...
Telehealth view

Telehealth is available and helping many families

Can’t make it to the clinic? Life happens, so we adapt to stay on track. If someone is sick in your household, or medically fragile, or you are on vacation...

Kindergarten Readiness Virtual Workshop

There are some very important skills that are required in order for children to start Kindergarten so that they can progress appropriately. Find out what kind...
Torticollis & Tummy Time

Torticollis & Tummy Time – So much to know!!

We have an upcoming Torticollis and Tummy Time Workshop that will take place through zoom on May 10th at 6 p.m.             ...
Development Delays

Developmental Delays – Learn the Signs & Act Early!!

Do you have Concerns About Developmental Delays? Early detection and intervention is key to success.   This workshop will help you to understand normal...
Ron Sandison Autism

Ron Sandison – Overcoming the Hopeless Complex, Autism & Mental Health

Dynamic national speaker, author and autism expert, Ron Sandison has quite a powerful story of overcoming the odds and he loves to help children and families. ...

Sensory Processing & Behavior Virtual Workshop

In this workshop we will present a variety of strategies to address issues so that it can help to solve learning, sensory and behavior concerns. We will cover...

Struggling Child in the Classroom Workshop

Each child, and their struggles, are unique.   There are a variety of reasons one may experience difficulties while in school. This Struggling Child in...
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