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Sensory Processing & Behavior Virtual Workshop

In this workshop we will present a variety of strategies to address issues so that it can help to solve learning, sensory and behavior concerns. We will cover...

Struggling Child in the Classroom Workshop

Each child, and their struggles, are unique.   There are a variety of reasons one may experience difficulties while in school. This Struggling Child in...

Feeding & Eating Red Flags

Picky Eaters & Problem Feeders  If you know of anyone who knows the struggle all too well, we can help. We have Feeding Specialists/ Occupational Therapists...

Could it be Sensory or Behavior or both?! Workshop April 13th

  Sensory issues and behavior issues are often confused.   Is your child constantly moving? Do you wonder why your child has temper tantrums? Does...
difficulty eating

Picky Eaters & Problem Feeders Virtual Workshop

Parents quite often tell us about their Picky Eaters & Problem Feeders and the associated challenges around mealtime. There is a difference between the...
Free Sensory Processing & Behavior Workshop

Sensory Systems & Processing Basics Virtual Workshop

Sensory Processing refers to how the brain receives and responds to the information that comes in through the senses. Your child craves certain sensory stimulus...
Ball pit happy girl

Sensory Integration Groups – Starting soon – Call NOW!

Is your child having difficulty sitting still? Do they always appear to be moving?  Is your child a seeker or an avoider? This group will focus on movement,...
OT Virtual Learning Tips 2

Virtual Learning Tips!

With many students heading back to school virtually, we wanted to share some tips on how to keep them comfortable and engaged!  
Pediatric handwriting

Handwriting Group is almost here!!

Hurry!! Don’t miss out on next weeks Handwriting group!!    

Help with Handwriting – Virtual Workshop for Parents

Handwriting is an important skill for children to master and an expectation starting early in a child’s school career. The earlier they learn about letter...
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