Ron Sandison & Mary Hydorn Autism workshop at Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services

Ron Sandison presents -Empowering Children with Autism & Learning Challenges to Thrive

Dynamic national speaker, author and autism expert, Ron Sandison has quite a powerful story of overcoming the odds and he loves to help children and families....

Join The Kids In Motion Team!

We are looking for team oriented members who love working with kids and making therapy fun to join our team! As infant & child development specialists,...

Could it be Sensory or Behavior or both?! Workshop April 13th

  Sensory issues and behavior issues are often confused.   Is your child constantly moving? Do you wonder why your child has temper tantrums? Does...

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today we want to celebrate the women in our lives.    We are so thankful that we have some amazing women as our therapists and staff, and Kids In...

Tips To Help Your Child Wear A Mask

As we all know by now, the novel coronavirus spreads when a person who is infected coughs, sneezes, or speaks within six feet of others. According to the Centers...
difficulty eating

Picky Eaters & Problem Feeders Virtual Workshop

Parents quite often tell us about their Picky Eaters & Problem Feeders and the associated challenges around mealtime. There is a difference between the...
Free Sensory Processing & Behavior Workshop

Sensory Systems & Processing Basics Virtual Workshop

Sensory Processing refers to how the brain receives and responds to the information that comes in through the senses. Your child craves certain sensory stimulus...
sweet little school girl bored under stress asking for help

Struggling Child in the Classroom

Each child, and their struggles, are unique.  There are a variety of reasons one may experience difficulties while in school.   This workshop...
2021 Summer Camp

2021 Summer Camps scheduled :)

Sign up for some great circus fun and star wars Jedi action!!  Call our office for more details 🙂
Strength & Coordination Virtual Workshop

January 26th: Strength & Coordination Virtual Workshop

Our first virtual workshop of 2021 will be covering Strength & Coordination. Join us to learn more about muscle weakness, strength and coordination deficits...
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