Basics of Sensory Virtual Workshop

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Want to learn about the sensory systems and sensory processing and how it impacts our lives daily?

Find answers to common questions you may be asking like:

– Why can’t my child sit still or stay on task?
– Why do tags in my child’s clothes bother him/her?
– Why is it a battle to get homework completed?
– Why does my child have difficulty with change?
– Why is he/she so impulsive?
– Why does my child cover their ears?
– What is sensory seeking?
– What is a sensory diet?

— Virtual Workshop —  
Monday, January 16th 2021  7 p.m.- 8:30 p.m.

If you missed the workshop, you can visit for more information:  

Or call us to schedule a Free Screening at 248-684-9610

2636 South Milford Road
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