Astronaut Training Program


What is Astronaut training? It is a program designed to directly impact the vestibular system, visual

system and auditory system. It takes into account, the three component of movement incorporating

the activation of all three semicircular channels of the vestibular systems. This will result in the child

improving regulation, spatial awareness and general movement abilities. With the visual system it

trains the child’s eyes to use saccades movements and horizontal pursuits both in vertical and horizontal

directions. This leads to improve academics. The auditory component develops a child’s ability to locate

sound and increase perception space resulting in improves ability for child to engage with objects,

people and events.

At kids in Motion, We begin by testing a child response on a rotary board with 10 spins to the right then

left (in sitting and side lying positions). When children receive this information, they should have eye

movements which flicker back and forth for 7-10 seconds. Less than 7 seconds indicates a child system

is low or hypo processing resulting in poor coordination, poor responses and poor ability to keep up

with academics. If a system demonstrates eye movements that last more than 10 seconds high or hyper

system, indicates a child will have difficulty with regulation, focus and attention, and ability to interact

with other.

Kids in Motion will implement this program to improve a child’s ability to move, to look at things in

environment and to listen. But most of all we use this program to bring the fun back.


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