Apraxia Awareness Day- May 14th

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Today is Apraxia Awareness Day! You might be asking yourself, what exactly is apraxia? Here is a quick video from Kids In Motion Clinical Director and Speech Therapist Lynn Gallagher explaining apraxia and how it impacts children.


Characteristics of Apraxia of Speech:

-A decrease in the production and synthesis of consonant and vowel combinations (VC/CV/CVCV) from syllables up to multi-syllable words.

-Sounds may be deleted, omitted and substituted during speech production.

-Child has difficulty transferring one sound production to another (ma/mama/mommy) with increased word complexity.

-More complex familiar words are more intelligible than unfamiliar words.  For example, a child enjoys crackers and always requests them (repetition) however unable to pronounce a much easier word, like bubbles. 

-The child will increase correct production of words at the imitative level rather than in spontaneous speech.

-The child benefits from a Motor Speech Hierarchical (syllable repetition) Approach in comparison  to a Traditional Speech Approach (isolated sounds).


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