Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, when applied early in life, can make amazing strides!

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Thank you to our presenters, Liz Barnard, Occupational Therapist from Kids In Motion & Amy Hund, Behavior Analyst, Psychologist at Sullivan Center for Autism on delivering a great message to parents Wednesday on identifying and helping with Sensory and Behavior issues.

We are very excited with our new partnership and are looking forward to working together to help more children.  Please come join us Saturday March 11th at 2-4 PM to help us celebrate our partnership at our Grand Open House at the Sullivan Center for Autism – 10031 Spencer Rd Brighton 48114

In a recent interview with Amy Hund (pictured here) she said, 

“Behavior is something a person says or does – and all behavior is governed by the same rules or principles. Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, takes these rules of behavior and applies them to issues that impact people’s lives. One of the primary areas where ABA is used to improve lives is for people with Autism. Young children with Autism, in particular, can make amazing strides when they begin ABA early in life, but children and people of all ages can be helped by ABA. When we work with people with Autism, we often collaborate with other professionals like Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, teachers, and other school staff. When a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (a person with extensive training and certification in ABA) works with another professional, our kids really benefit. The staff of Kids in Motion contribute valuable insight into our work with children that makes their gains even greater!”

For more information on this or if you have questions, you can contact us at 248-684-9610 and we can arrange a phone conversation with a therapist or analyst.


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