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Development Delays

Developmental Delays – Learn the Signs & Act Early!!

Do you have Concerns About Developmental Delays? Early detection and intervention is key to success.   This workshop will help you to understand normal...
Ron Sandison Autism

Ron Sandison – Overcoming the Hopeless Complex, Autism & Mental Health

Dynamic national speaker, author and autism expert, Ron Sandison has quite a powerful story of overcoming the odds and he loves to help children and families. ...
Torticollis baby

Infant Play Ideas to Promote Gross Motor Development

Every infant parent knows how quickly their little ones grow and change. Each stage is unique, and it is so important to engage your child in a way so that...
Kids in Motion

What is Torticollis?

Do you have questions about Torticollis?  We are here to help!   The sooner Torticollis is addressed the sooner you and your baby can move forward. ...
Pediatric handwriting

Help with Handwriting – Virtual Workshop for Parents

Handwriting is an important skill for children to master and an expectation starting early in a child’s school career. The earlier they learn about letter...
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