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Proud sponsor of PERSPECTIVE Monthly Seminar Series

We are a proud sponsor of these great PERSPECTIVE seminars for families of individuals with special needs!   There are 6 seminars in the series starting in December and ending in May,  7:00 p.m All are...
sweet little school girl bored under stress asking for help

The Struggling Child in the Classroom

We all know kids develop at different times and differently.  Sometimes children struggle greatly in school and we can offer some ways to help them be...
paralyzed baby wheelchair

Mom built paralyzed baby DIY wheelchair

Click on link to view full amazing story 🙂

National Special Education Day

To our staff  who teach and support students with special needs….  THANK YOU !!!

Red Box Food Drive

We are a participating in the Red Box Food Drive at our Highland location to help the families in our community through the good works of the Highland &...
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