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    Screenings & Evaluations

    We offer free screenings with our trained therapists to determine if your child would benefit from a full evaluation.  Physical Therapy     Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy  
    ...and MORE!

  • physical therapy

    Physical Therapy

    The definition of physical therapy is the evaluation and treatment of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions that create functional limitations or disabilities due to trauma, a disorder, or disease process. Physical therapists... and MORE!

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    Occupational Therapy

    What does an occupational therapist do? The definition of Occupation is how we spend our time; when working or at home, during relaxation or fun, that which fulfills us, gives us purpose, and allows us to interact with the world... and MORE!

  • Speech therapy

    Speech Therapy

    Speech and Language Pathology A Speech and Language Pathologist/Speech Education Teacher evaluate, diagnose and provide intervention for a variety of communication disorders. Specific areas of concern... and MORE!

What Our Customers Are Saying
Thankful for Amber!
Brittany - Novi, MI

My son has not looked forward to Therapy until this past session with Amber. He now gets excited for OT, and tells me how he gets to cut! I don’t know what Amber does differently, but my son has grown much more this session than ever before. We are thankful for the time Amber puts into prepping for each session. She did her best to get insurance to approve more visits. She is very knowledgeable.

Love, love, love kids in motion
Rosie - Holly, MI

The people here are amazing. My daughter has been there for just over 4yrs and the progress they have made with her is astonishing. I couldn’t ask for better people.

Excellent therapists
Christy - Brighton, MI

She hires the best Therapists, hands down if you are looking to find out why your child isn’t meeting milestones or you’ve been other places and just can’t figure it out. Save yourself some time and stress and just go to Kids in Motion.

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